About Us

Following our passion for photography and for our ever growing and exiting city Dublin, we decided to start Dublin Polaroid Tours in 2016. Our team consists of enthusiasts who like and enjoy everything to do with photography, its history and future. Polaroids are a blast from the past and the mode of capturing instant images was revolutionary and convenient and its demise in 2001 a tragedy.

Capturing our city with Polaroid, gave it a different and more interesting look and reflected the Zeitgeist at the time with a modern twist- the city from today. It was just cool.

So we came up with the idea to spread the word and the love for Polaroid and we started to do our first walking tours with our vintage cameras and it was a great success.

Our tours are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, small and big groups. Corporate events, birthday parties, weddings – you name it, if a camera is required and will help to bond and capture an unforgettable moment – our Polaroids are there.

Our tours show you the arty, architectural, every day life and tourist sites of our Dublin in a nice, leisurely  2 hour walk around town.

We will help you to unleash your creativity gene and capture our city in the most interesting and just… cool light.

Get in touch and email us any questions you might have : info@dublinpolaroidtours.com