The 600 series, thats when Instant Photography became fun and started a new chapter for Polaroid.

Iconic design with an auto focus function and instant photo results with a push of a button, get the dream like feel from an bygone analog area. The box type camera, a pop culture icon weather using the 635, 636 or Sun 660 they all create amazing images you will hold dear for a long time.

Camera Specs Supercolor 670:

Lens: 116mm f/11 Single-element
Sonar autofocus
Shutter: electronic; range around 1/4 – 1/200 sec
Exposure system: programmed automatic
Built-in electronic flash with override button.
Black plastic body – flash unit flips down to protect lens and controls
Tripod socket.

(camera example, we use many variations o the 600er series )

Polaroid Originals Color Film

Our Color 600 film is the original format instant film for vintage Polaroid 600 cameras. It captures your photos in a rich spectrum of color, texture and tone, and frames them in that iconic white border which makes every polaroid a cultural icon. Every photo it creates is unique; unpredictable, imperfect, and impossible to reproduce. And as for what goes in the picture? We leave that part up to you.