Route & Tours

Polaroid Tour

The Tour will start in Temple Bar, leading nicely towards the river. Then we will explore the history and the art of the south and north side river bank along the Liffey into our new Dockland area. We will circle back towards Custom House quay into the north inner city in the direction O’Connell Street where we start heading back towards the starting point in Temple Bar. The walking tour will take in about 120mins, we will see the various curiosities along the way but the end of the day “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Happy Snapping!

Street Art Tour

We will follow in the footsteps of our Subset artist group, who have started painting the city with various motifs. Always highlighting various social issues and creating awareness through colourful stencils, free-hand graffiti and just generally big ass paintings in our beautiful city. The humour is evident in most pieces but it is meant to get your thinking hat on and start contemplating our surroundings. If you are interested in street art culture and would like to see the ever changing landscape of the grey-art project with its city canvas, then please book and enjoy. The Polaroids will ensure your piece of Dublin Graffiti when you get home, an everlasting memento, unlike some of the street art.